Frequently Asked Questions

Does buying links on Craigslist or Fiverr improve my SEO rankings?
There are many services out there that will sell you links but the straight-up answer to that is no. And anybody that's selling you links or if you have an agency that's telling you that they can buy links for you that's a really huge red flag. That you're gonna get your site penalized. You do not want to be buying it. In the past years ago yes, that was something that people did. But the Google algorithm has gotten much much better, much smarter and those kinds of things are pretty easy to spot and they'll get you penalized. Penalized meaning you're not going to move any ranks as far as if you get removed out of the search or something like that. That's really up to Google but it will not help your ranking. The way to get good links is naturally you have great content. You have some good information and people naturally want to link to that information and to that content.
Will repeating my keyword or keywords on my page help my SEO ranking? 
The answer to that is a very tiny yes in a very large no. Of course, if you're talking about a subject then your keywords aren't going to be on your page. But they must be imagined naturally occurring and make sense. If you have keywords that are just repetitive and they don't form like a normal sentence and natural language that's something also that the Google algorithm get spot. And possibly get you some penalty or it's not necessarily a penalty would really devalue probably that content and that page. You do not want to just overly repeat the same keywords. You do want to use a different type words for the same, to say the same thing. But again, it must be that naturally occurring. If you're selling you know if you're talking about cars, you can say cars you could say vehicle you could say automobile. And you know they're basically saying the same thing and Google understands them all. But if you say car for sale Miami, car for sale Miami, car for sale Miami and repetitive like that it's just something that is not natural in my conversation. So, you want to try to avoid all those old-school tactics that Frankie just did, not work anymore.
Should I stuff keywords in my title?
The answer to that is, not stuff. You should have your keywords in your title being that that page is about that same subject. For example, you don't want to have a title that has nothing to do with the content on the page. That's unnatural or it's not a good user experience. So, while you do want to have the keywords in the title. It should be keywords that basically are the primary focus of the page.
Does Google use the made up a description for ranking my site and is that important to SEO?
The answer to that again is the made a description is, yes. That made a description is what you're going to see when you do a search. You'll see this small kind of mini half paragraph which is the subject of the page. And Google does look at that and even more importantly that's what shows up in the search engine results page. And whenever you have there at the beginning is going to be very important because that's what your search URL, or your customer or your target is going to be seen. So, that's kind of all they see until they click on your page. So, you want to have that made-up description really focused on answering the question or providing the value based on the content. And the search of the person it is gonna be doing. Think of it as your strong pitch or as your ad header or copy that is going to attract the attention to get them to click and then get on your page. So, meta description SPAR very important. Again, we're not talking about stuffing words repeating words and things like that it must be at you know it must be a natural flow, natural language. And of course, you don't want to have a meta description that says one thing and then when you click to the page you're really talking about something else. That's something that is going to spot and it's either going to devalue your page or probably not flag you for it. One of the things that they'll do is, they'll create their own meta description as well if yours is either bad or doesn't have something that makes any sense. they'll come up with their own. So, you do want to have a good one because if Google pulls one. you know you're not gonna have control over that.
How long should my content be to improve my SEO?
That's a pretty common question and frankly there's really no detailed, a really specific answer. We have some general guidelines and the lately the estimates are in the probably at least a thousand words for content. And can go anywhere up to maybe even two to three thousand words. But the short answer is as much content as necessary to either answer the question that's being asked or to provide the complete explanation or solution to a problem. So, sometimes that could be very short. And then sometimes it's a research project that there it may be longer where you're actually giving details and giving even references may be showing some diagrams, some spaces, comparisons and things like that that could get a little bit extended. But really is more of a matter of just doing the right, giving the right amount of information based on the subject matter. As a rule of thumb a thousand words to begin with it's probably a good start unless it's a really simple page that you're just answering some type of question.
How long does SEO take?
Well, that's a common question. Really the answer, that is SEO takes forever it's endless. Probably when people are asking that question they're thinking of you know how fast can I get my website ranked or ranked for a phrase or keywords or get a page rank etc etc. And the answer to that part there is, I would say to see some meaningful changes. And of course, it's gonna depend on what your key phrases or keywords are the competition and those kinds of things. But it's a slow process when done correctly. There's really no shortcuts but a reasonable expectation would be six, eight, nine months to see some substantial changes. Now also it's going to depend on how bad your site is. Because if you're not ranking in the top 100 because you got or some really serious problems there. And in a certain a little bit of adjustment to major flaws can get you to move a couple of pages. But to get to page one, on any reasonable phrase is a long process with many different facets of it from content to optimization, just speed optimization, formats all kinds of different aspects. A minimum of 6 months, 6-9 months, possibly a year to see a major move. minor moves could be seen anywhere from 90 days to 120 days in that range. So, it's a long-term project. And like I said in the beginning it never really ends because once you get to page one. You got to stay at page one Just because you got there doesn't mean you're gonna stay there because everybody else is trying to move up. So, it's a constant maintenance. It's a constant improvement stay on that page. Because if you think about it, for you to get to page one and if you were in position 90 that means you know 90 other people had to move backwards. So, once you're there you can't just rest on your laurels and say I did it. I'm here because you will find yourself slipping back in the ranks once again.