Show off your reviews

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The big review sites

Hey guys! Let’s talk a little bit about our reviews which you know we’ve talked a little bit about gaining reviews. We got Yelp, Yelp reviews and Google reviews, some others out their home advisor, things like that depending on your field you know would be which one is the strongest. But this is Google because Google’s going to apply across the board if somebody’s searching for your product.  Somebody’s going to come out in that Google map. So, let’s use that as an example. The point I want to make here about those is when you got those you know reviews already going on. You want to get that into your website at some point.

Generally, you’re going to use what we call a plugin. A plug-in is a kind of like a little app let’s say that goes on your site. And it’ll you know it pulls the information from in this case you know Google review. So that’s something that a depending again on your industry. But for the most part that’s you know, it’s gotten so mainstream that. I mean I guess maybe if you have no reviews you wouldn’t use it or if you had really bad reviews you wouldn’t use it. But then again then you’re going to have some other problems if you’ve got you know bad reviews. You know you should be really working on your business, not on your website.

So, find yourself a plugin and that could be in the form of like a little box. That’ll actually you know show the stars, show how many reviews and even populate you know a couple. You could you know control this you could you know have it populate three or four reviews depending on… I get on your site the space that you have available. Maybe you’ve got a column on the right side or on the left side that really … It’s a little bit dead for you. You don’t really have something you know there you can populate it with that.

What I like about it is that when somebody goes to your site they’re looking your product service this that. In the other off of the bat, they don’t have to go anywhere else. They can see right there BAM. Hey, here we are, look at our reviews, right off of the bed. You know give them give yourself some credibility. Not a lot of sites you know have that. I don’t know why maybe it creates a little bit of delay in your speed. But my recommendation is if you got the good reviews and you’ve worked hard at that show that off.

And preferably I recommend that you have it visible. You know because you can have a little link also at the top it says check out our reviews. Of course, then somebody would have to click on that, go somewhere else, a little more work involved. And you know somebody’s really into your product and they spent some time there. They probably will do that but you know I like to hit them right up front. They hit my page, boom, you know they got my headliners, the initial impression. And right there on that same preferably above the fold which is you know without even scrolling…

I get obviously on a desktop. They would see that right there get some confidence. And you know have them continue to check you out and evaluate your products, your services. So, get yourself plug in a plug-in.  Friends going to say that but that’s redundant. So yeah plug in a plug-in on your website and show off your reviews. If you don’t have reviews then you know let’s start working on that

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