Tips for getting reviews

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Talking to your audience

Hey everybody! Let’s talk a little bit again about getting those reviews. It’s a big challenge you know for ourselves as well to get those. So, I got a little tip for you here that you know probably will help a little bit. Again, you know presuming that you’ve really made a commitment to the reviews. Because the biggest obstacle to getting reviews is not asking. You don’t know how many people I’ve spoken to, they said well, it’s really hard to get reviews, man. I can’t get any reviews. And then you say well you know how many people you have asked in the last week. And that’s exactly what you get silence. Nobody.

Well, I’m not a rocket scientist but if you ask nobody for a review you are probably not going to get a review.  What you’re going to get is…but you know competitors and things like that that just want to you know hate on you. And slap up a fake review that’s negative or something like that. So, you have to ask you know what a revelation, right? But that’s not the point of this audio. What I want to tip I want to give you is to create basically some shortcuts. Because this is what happens you ask somebody, hey, you know give us a review.

If you just leave it at that you know it’s like where do I go? Like Google review or what. So, a little more instruction. From there you know a little more instruction would be hey, go on Yelp and give us a review. Hey, go to Google and give us a review. Hey, go on Facebook and give us a review. Okay, a little bit better you know. They might actually do that but you can make it even easier.  You got a puppy, set the table and the whole nine yards and kind of warm up the desert and hand feed them to try to get these reviews.

So, one of the easiest ways is to you know create shortcuts to those pages. Different options for that.  There’s some software after that you can create shortcuts. If not, you can create a sub-domain. That’s how we did it over here. We did a sub-domain facebook reviews. pc911 for our business, for our other business. You know yelp reviews, or you can just have it you know a /reviews page and people could just link on there. So, I mean I don’t want to get into the different ways of doing it. There’s you know obviously four or five different ways depending on your scenario.

The point of this tip is to see which one works for you. So, in this example here. One of the things that we’re doing. Again, we did it with subdomains. So again, that’s you know a Facebook reviews. 911 24/ Little complicated but when I send you the link all you got to do is click on it. So, what we do is and what we’ve done or the tip on in this case is when you’ve spoken to a customer you’ve developed some rapport.  So, you had a good experience the person’s like oh, thank you awesome. All this good stuff.

I mean that’s like an invitation to review. Ask them hey, do you mind if would you mind giving a summary, a review. Let us know how you felt sure. How we did. They’re going to probably, you know they’re going to say yes. Say, would you mind if I say I mean you can do an email, right. But what I find is if you send that text it’s going to be a heck of a lot easier. Okay, so would you mind if I send you an email with the links to our review pages. They’re going to probably you know they’re going to say well. They’re going to say, no. I don’t mind yes go ahead.

If you can go even further and say you mind if I send you a text with our review links. You can just you know do it really quick on your phone. You know they’re probably going to say yes, go ahead. And then that’s I think the most effective is going to be a text with the links. So, what does that look like? I send them a text and say hey, angel you know over here, thanks again for your business. Here’s the are links to our review pages. You know let us know how we did. Very effective. You know number one because the text is obviously instant. People pay attention to the more than their email, inbox. And on their phone when they click on that Facebook they’re logged into Facebook.

So, they just click on that Facebook they’re on your page. They’re not even searching. If they’re on an Android phone and that’s something to take a look at to. You know what kind of phone they have. If they’re on an Android phone I mean you know they got a Google account. You know so if they’re on an Android and they click you know Google review. They’re going to be 90 percent they’re going to be logged in. They’re going to be right on your page. I mean it’s going to take one minute to do that review.

The Yelp more complicated because not everybody is on Yelp. They have to create an account, some hoops to jump through I think I’ve spoken about that in the past. In the order of ease, you know easiest first most difficult last. Facebook is going to be the easiest one because everybody’s got a Facebook account. Whether they’re active or not I mean that doesn’t matter to you. You know people tell me well I’m not active I don’t do that but they have an account. They have an account to have to use it. Doesn’t matter. You just don’t want to get that review. And they’re going to click in their login and boom, you’re done. So that’s the easiest one.

Next after that is going to be Google. Again, you know if they got an Android they got a Google account. Now you know many people have iPhone and still have Google accounts. So whichever way that’s next in line and the most difficult at all. Which is probably the one of most value obviously. And depending on your business I mean if you’re a restaurant you know you want to fight for those Yelp reviews.  The challenge there they have to have an account. If they’ve never done a review and they only do one review.  Yelp looks at that as like this doesn’t count which is you know kind of crappy people don’t like that. Those are some actionable tips to get those reviews going. So, take some action on that today.

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