Marketing drip

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Drip, drip, drip.

What is that dripping sound in the background? Well, that should be your marketing going out there. And your customers hearing that little drip of marketing coming from you in all types of different directions with different messages. But the point of the drip, drip, drip is to stay on the top of the customer’s mind. Try to be everywhere. So, they get the impression you know that you’re everywhere that you’re on top of your game. And whether they need your service or not at the moment.

You know when they do they’re usually going to think of a name or two. That’s kind of the strategy there.  When your customer thinks of a service, kind of leader generally I don’t think customers would come up with like three names. But you know if you say I need to buy a hammer. You’re going to say Home Depot Lowe’s. Most people come up with two maybe three names. So, ask yourself that if a customer needs a service is your name going to pop up. That’s the that’s where you want to be of course.

Not everybody can do that. And if you’re really small business as well as in a small niche maybe not. Because that’s the first opportunity you have to get to that customer. Then after that of course internet, right? Searches in Google but this post is about creating a little drip to have to be in those top one two maybe three positions. So, you get the customer gets an opportunity to address the customer, to serve the customer even before he starts it’s searching. And the different ways to do that. Or you know all the different marketing opportunities that you know we presented here.

I’ll go over them briefly. Keep in mind that all these you know drips are not always a sales pitch. I mean you want to keep them balanced we’ve talked about that. So, you know some of them cost some money some of them don’t cost. So, one of the things you don’t want to get into is thinking of creating this massive perfect strategy and then creating none. Or you know having a campaign in January and then just exhausting you know all your funds all your resources. And then not doing anything for the next six months or what-have-you. You want to have that drip strategy.

Now some of these examples are going to be your email campaign. Your email campaign generally speaking could cost you almost zero. I mean other than time. So, depending on your budget whether you hire somebody or do something internally the email campaign is probably the easiest drip, drip that you could hit your customer with. We’ve spoken about that not always a sales pitch. To get yourself a list of all the holidays. And that’s the easiest thing right there just email somebody with a happy holiday, happy fourth of July, happy Mother’s Day, happy etc.

So that right there starts a little bit of a drip that’s probably 10 drips a year. Or more depends how detail you go. If you really dig into calendars you could probably find a something to celebrate like every day. You know dog day, cat day, managers day, Secretary’s day, all those kind of things, international, Women’s Day. So, it depends on your field how deep you’re going to go into those. You know you don’t want to go too crazy and be ridiculous every day sending an email, bird-watching day and all those kinds of things.

So, I want to leave you with that one as you know your default. And then other than that remember your social media stuff. Social media you know you got your posts and you know more and more people don’t see your posts. Because there’s just so much you know stuff online junk. And the feeds get all you know filled with all kinds of different things. But one of the things that are inexpensive that you should do especially if you’re local you know give yourself like a little. Whether it be a boost. Probably the boost would be the easiest if you don’t have somebody managing your social media…

…and you have you do your one post a day or two posted, have people on your team doing some posts. Which we spoke about as well. The easiest way is just to promote click. Now the professionals are going to say don’t do that. But I’m saying do that in the absence of doing nothing. You know if you have somebody managing it or if you’re a little savvier you can go in there. And you know strategize those a little bit better. But even in the single click promoted post, you can still create a little bit of a demographic profile…

…and if you’re a local business even better. If you’re a local business get all your posts and create an audience. Maybe depending on how far people are willing to travel to you. It could be a mile, two miles, three miles, four miles, maybe even up to five miles. And once you do that you know it gets saved. You save that as like how we do it is I just put you know all five miles. If it’s men and you put men for my own things like that. And you just save it there.

And when you start promoting these, Facebook is actually going to default to your last audience. So, it winds up becoming just like a clicking kind of deal. You can promote as little as a dollar per day. So, I mean you know if you did just one per day and posted one every day and push one every day, it’d be like 30 bucks a month. That’s a drip. And again, if you just narrow it down you know to your area. You know people see an email from you once a week or once every two weeks. People get online. You know they might run across one of your promoted post there. And that’s what we call you know the drip effect. They see you here. They see you there. And the next thing you know they need a service.  And basically, you just you just kind of like a pop-up.

So, keep that in mind you know to get your customers and listening to a little drip, drip, drip from your business.

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