Securing your site with SSL

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The importance of SSL

Today I want to talk a little bit about secure websites. Specifically, about your SSL certificate or security certificate and if you have one on your site. Basically, what you’re going to be looking for is if your site on HTTP or HTTPS. The one with the s would be a secure version of that. So, when you look at your browser take a look at the address that’s you know showing there actually. I mean that could actually be inaccurate if you’re getting some type of forward. But either way, whether you’re looking at your browser check with whoever is handling your website. Make sure that your site is on a secure version. Once again, that would be the HTTPS version.

A couple reasons for that. Of course, from the get-go, it’s a more secure version of a website. Otherwise, you know traffic on HTTP is pretty much. I guess visible for a hacker not just frankly but somebody wants to hack in. And you know take a look at all that kind of stuff. It’s just an open kind of protocol. Whereas this the S locks down some security. And in encryption on those communications on that site. And this not only goes for e-commerce sites. You might be thinking oh, I’m not selling anything. I’m not taking credit cards.

I’m not doing stuff like that but regardless now more than ever just plain information. Just keeping your information safe. Maybe you’re typing a password on some site as an example. Probably I mean if you go to the bank you know they’re going to have that. But you know maybe you’re going somewhere and just typing some password for a login. And you know people are picking that up and trying that on other sites. Who knows bottom line here is this is not a security post. But just a quick heads-up. Because I really haven’t posted or talked about this is take a look at your site and make sure you’re on HTTPS.

If you’re not you need to get switched over. And you know sooner better than later we offer those services obviously. If you’re starting off from scratch then that’s the easy part. You just start off right with the HTTPS and get yourself a security certificate. They’re cheap. I’m not going to go into all the details on that just kind of a heads up. If you’re not secure some of the browsers are going to notify visitors. You know basically like a red a highlight or a flag of non-security and that’s going to you know keep building. So, this is something that you have to get this done. So, get your site on HTTPS with an SSL certificate.

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