Offering Free Things for Your Audience

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Hey guys! So, today I want to talk to you about Free.

What can we offer for free? Everybody wants something for free. But again, you know if you want something for free it has to happen some type of value. You don’t want to give out junk for free. It’s gonna cost you to get rid of it, right. So, here I want you to look at your business, your products and your information, your skills, your tips things like that. What can you come up with that could be something of value that you offer free?

Sometimes you have free samples of something and you get those from your vendor. So, they’re totally free to you and you can write them straight up from you to your client. Sometimes it may be something that you’re already giving away and not really using it as a promotion, like tips and tricks. Maybe you’re doing a post on three tips to do X, Y & Z what have you. And you can use that as a promo kind of as a little bit of a hook. So, think in your business what can you do that you could offer for free. And then that’s what you’re going to use. You try that in your marketing. Be it on your social media marketing, in your email marketing and things like that.

So, when you’re pushing some of those sometimes let’s say you’re on social media. And you know you’re doing ad upon ad. You’re not getting the result.  Think about what again you can offer for free. I mean most of the time that does work. But again, remember that free has to have some value. Think of something of value. Now a lot of people look at that and say I don’t want to give my stuff away. But the other side you want to look at it in your business, a lot of the stuff that we do in every business. You don’t get paid for every single thing that you do.

So, there’s always some type of free component out there. And if you give a five-dollar item for free and gained a customer that you’re going to make 500 from, then that works out. So, the other side to look at is do you have a bigger product that you could provide a smaller introductory version of? That you could offer for free which is going to lead to the bigger paid version. And that’s very common. You’re gonna see that with the example what they call freemium. So, you’ve got a free app but if you really want to take out the ads you want users to upgrade to get those features. So, bottom line is take a look at your business what can you offer for free. And start using that in your promotions.

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