Finding the Right SEO Team

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How to start looking for SEO

Hey guys! So, today I want to talk a little bit about finding the right company to do your SEO. Or could be you know some of the other internet marketing strategies that you may be looking to implement. So, one of the ways to take a look at them to find I should say your potential contractors for this is let’s talk about SEO. And this audio I would start with doing a search because quite simply, right. If they’re on that top 10 first page then they’re not doing that well for themselves. They’re probably not gonna do well for you. You would be surprised at how many companies would be out there providing service. Mississippi you know and they’re not in the top ten.

Now granted maybe they’re not top ten in the nation. That that is tougher because and that would be a handful of ten companies nationwide. If you did that search, those guys are gonna be big dogs. And if that’s what you’re looking for then if you’re trying to rank that,  then yeah you would probably do that. But I’m talking here a little bit more niche, a little bit more localized SEO, narrowing it down to a city which is you know much easier than then ranking nationwide. So, you know do a search for your city, SEO Miami, internet marketing Miami. Or and whatever it is for Lauderdale, Broward.

However, you know the route well. It may not be a little tiny City probably use it as the main city. See who’s there and go through those. Keep in mind that the ones that are gonna be in the top are gonna be the paid searches. So, those you can’t a brand-new company that they just pace to be there. So, look at your organic search. Make a list of those obviously go through their sites and you know do all that kind of stuff. So, that’s all one way there. And then also since there have them take a look at the history. Take a look at some other clients. They should be able to provide you. I don’t know three, four or five clients with a projection history.

It’d also be good to take a look at three months time, where they started and where did they end. You don’t want to take a look at somebody that was already in position five. And they show you that as is one of their clients. And results don’t maybe they picked them up and they were there already. So, you want to see some timeframe there and some movement. because that’s what you really need is you need movement. Can you show me some clients that you moved from page six to page two? Did you get seven to page 3, then from page three to page one, those kinds of things?

If you google, tips for finding a good SEO I mean you’re gonna find plenty of them out there. Actually, Google itself made a good one. And yes, you can go through all these you know technical analysis and those I’m not gonna really you know talk about. You’re gonna see all those. But this point here I just want to make is the bottom line is the results. You could have all the ten years’ experience. You can have all-stars but can you get my rank from fifty to five. And who have you done it for first have you done it for yourself and show me.  Show me three clients that you’ve done that for. That’s really you know where the rubber meets the road.

All the other things, yes, go ahead take a look at all that other stuff. But see the results because that’s what you’re asking for again. It’s specific to your niche. If you’re looking for conversion optimization then that’s a whole nothing, ballgame. You want to see the results on that. So, going outside of the finding this SEO.

The other part that I want you to think about is internet marketing. You know internet marketing is our general tagline. But with an internet marketing, not everybody is an expert at everything. Whoever is then they’re an expert at nothing. There are many aspects of all that. Of course, you have the web design that’s probably the easiest part everybody you know can do that. That’s not that complicated for somebody that if for a company that has tech side that’s in the tech industry.

When it comes to let’s say conversion optimization which we haven’t even talked about – that’s a niche. That’s like a specialty. So, if you’re already ranking and you really got your traffic and now it’s you want to find somebody that’s got specialty there. Social media also, we’ve talked about as a part of internet marketing. But social media you can first start in general but you can niche that down to people that are just experts on Pinterest.

You could find somebody that has a niche in LinkedIn. These are each platform has you know specialties and people are better suited for one or the other. So, don’t be afraid to mix up some of your services. It is an area that you know you do gotta be a little you know cautious with. So, I’m not saying have 10 guys doing 10 different things. But what I’m saying is that there is niches and each one. Don’t presume that one company is an expert at all of them because generally not.

What most companies are probably gonna do is here they’re gonna have in-house people or they’re gonna have you know partnerships and things like that. That they sub out you know the work too. And that might not be a bad idea to ask them. How do you handle this LinkedIn marketing side is that in-house, is that yourself, or you subbing that out? And when it comes down to these questions that you ask well you know can you show me five customers that you’ve worked with. And you know who is gonna handle this particular area of this marketing. That should be very transparent. You should not get any pushback, any friction there at all.

If you do then that’s a problem. Because when it comes down to this whole internet marketing there’s a high degree of trust on what’s going on. Because a lot of these things like the SEO part specifically. Companies could be telling you they’re doing you know seven different things in the background. But it’s really hard to measure other than the actual movement of the position. So, there’s a high degree of like trust in that these things are actually getting done.

The tips here is the summary for this one is if you’re doing SEO, find companies that are already ranking. And have them show you three, four, five, seven, ten different customers or they’ve moved them. Not that they’re ranking currently but they’ve moved from 70 to 7, from a hundred plus to even page three. Any of that that’s all you know good movement. Just because you know somebody didn’t move somebody to the page one that doesn’t mean that they didn’t do any work. If you were in position 100 and now you’re in position 15 which would be page 2. I mean that that’s some movement there. That didn’t happen by coincidence. So, those are my tips for you guys today.

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