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Pay Per Click Strategies

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Pay Per Click Campaigns

A PPC campaign consists of generating a keyword focused ad and dedicating a set budget to have your ad displayed on the front page of a search engine or social media platform.

Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns

The ads that you see are being put there by Google (in the case of a Google search page). They have a network of advertisers aside from just the Google search and you only pay a pre-determined amount for each click you get. Depending on your field or competition, the prices range. The more competitive, the higher the cost. It could be as low as 10 cents per click and increases when multiple people are trying to get the same ad space for the same keywords.

Think about those ads that you see

When you do a web search, the ads are typically displayed at the top and sides of the search page or social media platforms like Facebook.

It's a big advertising area with the majority of its money coming from people paying to get in front of you. We can help you by differentiating your ad and finding the best rate to run the campaign


Determines your current position and improve it.