How to Get Started with E-Mail Marketing

How to get started marketing with email

We’ve been talking about different types of marketing, social media, email, all that kind of stuff. At some point, you take a look at that and it’s time to get started. Deciding where to get started among all those different mediums and options can be a challenge. You might just get stuck there deciding and never get started. A practical approach is the easiest customer to get to is going to be your current customer. So, that’s going to be the tip for today on this topic.

Your current customers are easier to sell to than any other customer. If you have a brand-new product, your current customers are easiest one to pitch it to. Because your current customer already knows you, trust you (hopefully) and has had a good experience with you (also hopefully). And so they’re the easiest ones to get to.

If you want to get started there take a look at what’s the easiest way for you to get to them. Do you have a mailing list? That’s a great start and it’s one of the easiest ways to get started. Shoot them over an email. Now if you’ve never done an email blast I don’t suggest you just start from scratch you know with a buy, buy, buy my stuff message. I suggest you start with a little bit of a softer approach. If you’ve never sent an email just send one as a thank you or a simple welcome to our email. Something to that effect that is not a sales pitch. And then maybe follow up with a secondary or third. Bottom line is people want to see that you’re taking 50% off a product or service.

Look to E-mail Marketing and Social Media for ideas

Your email scenario and social media probably even more so, is you want to provide some value, some tips, some content, some greetings – just different things. And then every so often mixed in there you throw in a promotion. That’s really what you want to eventually get to. So, that’s gonna be one of the easiest things for you to start.

We’ve talked about email marketing and sometimes you kind of get stuck as to our content. What am I gonna shoot out there? Well, one of the easiest things to shoot out for emails is take a look at your holiday calendar. Almost every month there’s gonna be some type of holiday that you could send out. That’ll give you some of those soft touches. You’re just touching base and reminding them that you exist. If they don’t know you exist you really don’t in their eyes and you’re not going to make a sale. You also will not get them in your door. So, use that as one of your soft touch points. And then of course provide them some type of value, promo, coupon etc. That’s one of the easiest ways there. So, I hope that helps.