Online Marketing with Video

Video is one of the easiest mediums for marketing.

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you a little bit about marketing with video. Video has been growing and is now one of one of the best mediums to really bring a message across especially if you got something to show. So, you would ask yourself what am I going to do a video about? We’ve done tips on content and the easiest part is just something that you’re working on. Something that you’re doing. We sometimes do videos that are just what’s going on at ABC company.

When you do your content one of the things you’re going to think about is do I need a production studio? Does it have to look professional? Does it have to look like a TV commercial? Know that the bar as far as quality has been greatly reduced. Unless depending on your field if you’re an attorney or something like that then that would be a little different. But if you’re the typical scenario – you got a store, you’re providing a service. For example, you’re doing fences or again the infamous (or the famous I should say), plumber.

Just grabbing your phone which is a great camera nowadays you can do a quick clip. Hey, guys let me show you what’s going on here with Susie here a landscaping. We’re cutting this grass. We’re planting these trees, take a look what a beautiful yard she has. And I mean how you go about that obviously is going to depend on your style. But one of the things you probably want to strategizes in that kind of content is that it’s not really like a sales pitch. It’s just getting yourself out there.

Focus on the solution that you’re providing to the customer. How beautiful is this landscape for Susie? Look at how beautiful her yard is etc. Those kinds of things that’s like a quick tip. Also, when you’re talking about videos you got a couple different mediums where you could host videos. One of the things that that is really powerful is live video. So, if you’re on Facebook you could do a Facebook live. And Facebook will help you push that.

They’ll notify your followers and things like that. So, they’re gonna give you a little bit more of a push on something live then when it’s something that you just upload. Now grand tip: when you do those live ones you know you feel nervous. Do I edit it, all that kind of stuff? There are two philosophies there. One is make it perfect if it’s gonna go out there and it’s gonna have your name on it. The other philosophy is just get something out there and get started. Because your first video is never going to be perfect. And if you’re waiting for the perfect video then you’ll never get started.

The approach that I recommend (again unless you’re an attorney or something very specific that wouldn’t make any sense) is just get something out there. Something short and sweet. Sometimes little bloopers and things like that are actually funny when people look at it. And they see that it’s legitimate. I think that’s one of the most important parts of all this social media stuff. People are looking for something that’s genuine.

You don’t want to fabricate a video to get it out there and make it look perfect or something that’s false. Like don’t say “Hey, I’m here at this customer’s house” and it’s really your house. You don’t want to do stuff like that. So, Facebook live would probably be one of the easiest and best places to stream with some extra push. If not then just do your video on your phone and that way you can do a couple of takes. But what I have found is if you got that perfection in mind you’re gonna do 10 takes. None of them are going to be any good and then you’re gonna do it again tomorrow.

So, do a couple takes and just go with it. Keep in mind that first of all there’s so much content online.that people are just going to look at it, browse at it. They’re not going to be critical if you know your hair is not combed perfectly or something like that. Just get something out there and in front of your customers. Your 10th video is going to be better than your first. Your 100th video is going to be better than your 10th. So, get some content out there. Video and live video is a great place to start.