Social Media Platforms Versus YouTube

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Using YouTube for content videos

Hey everybody, today I want to talk to you about YouTube. We’ve talked a lot about all types of marketing channels. Social media but we really haven’t talked too much about YouTube. Well, for the most part, we kind of don’t really think about YouTube so much as a social media platform. It is because people do share videos and things like that. There is not so much of a community aspect to it. So that is maybe why it’s not kind of viewed as those, in that kind of group. It is the second largest search engine in the U.S. next to Google itself.

Question – should you have a YouTube channel? If you have a visual product or if you like doing videos then I would say definitely have a YouTube channel. For one reason, of course, you can do your videos and post them on your Instagram. And you could also do your videos on your Facebook pages and all that.

There are currently two different ways that people run across your videos.

One is on YouTube. People are doing more of a search for something so if you have a video or if you have a product. Or if you are talking about is something that somebody might be searching. Then YouTube might be a better place to be not to say you can’t have them everywhere. Just to make the point of the differences. There is the reach or the kind of reach or the customer and how you are going to get them.

On YouTube people actually just go there and just do a search like doing a Google search more so than on Facebook. It’s more of a casual surfing. Getting from somebody’s face or you go into their feed or something like that. For the most part, it’s more of an interruption, it’s kind of like a way to come across your content. Where you could do searches on Facebook, you could do some search on those other social media platforms. It’s not as prevalent; it’s not like a source of information and things like that like YouTube.

So I would say yes. If you fit in that category as we said, think of it as somebody possibly going to search this. As an example, we’ll use the old famous plumber. So if you are a plumber and you got some tips on fixing toilet leaks or something like that or changing the toilet bowl level mechanism. You say do I put that on YouTube or on Facebook or Instagram whatever is the platform the first answer is right, all of the above.

And the second answer is if you are going to do one on YouTube because somebody is going to search that and you will be right there. So it is way more targeted like it answers a question somebody might be asking similar to Google where as opposed to I’m on my Facebook feed. I am looking at whatever, the weekend happenings of people and then I find a fix your toilet video in my feed. It just not the same impact so that’s something else for you to think about in your marketing.

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