Internet Marketing for SEO

How to get the best return on your marketing investment

Internet marketing and specifically search engine optimization are one of the best returns on your investment as far as marketing is concerned that you can invest in. Just thinking to compare back to when you do a radio spot. It’s one time and then its history never to be heard again. So, you get one shot, it evaporates like smoke. You do a TV commercial, while you pay for it it’s up one minute and then it disappears, evaporates, it’s gone. Can’t go back and look for it again, you can’t search for it.

If you miss the number, you can’t go back and get it. I mean all those things basically all those old-fashioned mediums evaporate once they’re used up or pushed out. Whereas with your internet marketing and of course depending on which form of internet marketing that isn’t the case. But even social media posts, they’re still there. If you hashtag a post that could come up next week when somebody pulls up and there’s a search. Somebody looks you up and wants to look at your page. See what you’re all about, what your company is all about. They’ll see all those posts are there. They are kind of permanent.

I mean some of the social media is of course snapshot and things like that. Have a different strategy when things disappear. But for the most part all those things kind of stay there, so there is a little bit more permanency. If you don’t hit them up on the first try maybe somebody stumbles into it later. I mean that’s not great. Somebody stumbles into them, you want to hit them up, right up front. But that is definitely a plus.

The other area SEO (search engine optimization) which I see is what I would call a leveraged form of advertising. Investing in your advertising is even better. Because with SEO, of course, you invest this money, you invest some money up front.  You pump time and money whichever way you want to look at it. You’re one of the same when you get to the bottom line. And once you start getting to that first page that isn’t always going to be there. It’s not like you invested in X amount of money.

You’re on page 1 and then you disappear. It doesn’t evaporate, it kind of just stays there. And it turns sometimes, as long as you keep working on. Again, the initial investment is higher, the maintenance is much lower, but it’s always there. All the time. That’s what I call leverage. You put a lot of effort but then with minimal effort you can keep the ball rolling. Talking about SEO (search engine optimization) is once you start getting on that first page. Now you start getting more clicks.

And it becomes like this positive cycle where you’re getting more clicks which are giving you more relevance, more people going to your site. Google views you as more relevant and gives you a better positioning. You start getting more reviews which helps your positioning. And it’s this forward spiral of better placement, better marketing. Better everything across the board as far as your marketing.

So, internet marketing is a huge world. There’s no debate over the old-school marketing. But I just wanted to point these two points out versus the old traditional marketing. That your internet marketing again, it kind of stays there lingers. It’s got more longevity hangs around longer. And then the two are specifically talking about SEO which is awesome, is that leverage, you put in that extra money and then you just keep it rolling.  Kind of like the train that requires a lot of power to get it up to speed but once it’s up to speed that baby just keeps on rolling.

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